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Mary Cate

I too auditioned for American Idol, right after I graduated from high school in '09. I made it all the way to the televised judges, but was turned away because I "wasn't indie enough". And aftwerwards I went through a period where I was also afraid to sing even in the comfort of my shower! I was 18 and dreamed of making it to Hollywood, but in hindsight, being turned away because I was too "cutsey" relative to my voice made me feel that the show was all about finding something that they could package and sell.

So much like yourself, I try to remember the positives of the experience. Keep singing, keep dreaming and know that American Idol is just one corporate opinion. If you'd like to learn more about my Idol experience feel free to check out my blog :) http://sparkleonandwearbows.wordpress.com/2012/01/24/what-to-wear-there-american-idol-auditions/

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Barry Williams

Hey great job! You should get right back on the horse and try again!

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i just graduated with a physics degree and I'm moving back to the area in November. want to hang out? Send me an email and let me know.

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but I’m comfortable with myself. I hope that any aspiring Idol reading this will be equally as comfortable with themselves (so many of you wrote me about your insecurities), and know that while the show is great at packaging talent, it is not the only road to success. My training took the form of attempting to stand out, yet often resulted in bruises, rashes,

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I got rejected!!! I made it all the way to the Executive Producers, only to be turned down. After eating, sleeping, and breathing American Idol for so many months, one might ask, “Was it all for nothing?” I think not. In short, this was not so much an effort to become an Idol contestant as it was a performative exploration of the norms bound up with the show. I also thought of it as quite political—I wanted to get young people thinking about the practice of voting in the lead-up to the 2004 Presidential elections, which ran parallel to the lead-up to my audition.

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Chris J

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