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Heya! I would like to tryout for American Idol season 5, but I don't know when they will hold tryouts in Seattle, WA. Can u e-mail me asap with the info? thank a bunch. I'm an awsome singer and I don't want to miss my chance!!!


I would really like to register for the next American Idol. Please e-mail me at: [email protected]

Thank You,


I would really like to register for the next American Idol. Please e-mail me at: [email protected]

Thank You,


just like everybody else looking for the audition dates and states that the aditions for 05-06 will be held. if u know hit me
[email protected]

Ashley Renee

when r the dates 4 american idol season 5...... i really want to be it but I cant fin dates ne where... thanx


Does anyone know the dates for the next American Idol Auditions for the 05-06 season??If anybody knows can someone please E-mail me please! ^_^


Hi my name is Lina and i am interested in trying out for american idol but i can't find any info on where audtions r being held. Would someone be nice and email me the cities and any other info that i might need thank you.


waddup, y'all? i know all of ya r stressing 2 find out all sorts of thingies 4 a.i. well, i need some info 2. these web sites don't help me at all. ever since season 1, they never had auditions near me. and now they have auditions in boston. WAHOO! but, it sucks cause i don't know where the auditions r or where they r at. so, u people got my email, so PLEASE HELP ME!!! i wanna prove to all the people that think i can't do this that i CAN DO THIS! help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
p.s and i need info on how u register. i'm sry if this is 2 much 2 ask, but this is my dream. good luck 2 all of u on ur audition.

Janae Bartolomucci

Hello my name is Janae. I would like to know how to get the registration forms for the auditions. Please let me know.


anyone know the exact dates for American Idol tryouts in Memphis T.N


anyone know the exact dates for American Idol tryouts in Memphis T.N


Whad up ya'll? Does anyone know when auditions are in chicago??? If so, hit me up! Holla.


Hi, I have a big dream just like all of you guys out there of becoming the next American Idol. If anyone could give me any advice about the auditions or anything please e-mail me. Also, does anyone know the audition dates yet? And WHY did they take Atlanta off the list? That's the closest city to me and it's 9 hours away!!


I heard that American Idol was comming to Buffalo New York so if you can give me info about when it gets or is commin here leave me a message!


I would like to know what the dates are for american idol season 5 that would be awesome if someone could let me know email me at [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] looking forward to seeing some of you there.

Army Guy

I heard on the radio today that one for the Boston Area was going to be Jordan's Furniture in Natick, MA (off Rt 9) seems like a pretty fitting place, it's pretty crazy... for a furniture store.


hey peeps this is mckenzy out va Ive been tryin to get info for american idol if any i mean anyone get anything please please please please let me know


HELP ME!!!! ive been looking all over the internet to find the date and times of the season 5 american idol auditions if ANYBODY has a clue about chicago auditons PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me the dates and time i beg you! thanx, tabby

Mike Nick Arriola

I'm an American Idol consultant. I have a price per consultation. Want to know how to get on the show...tips for style and look...what songs to sing. I'll be consulting in San Francisco for now and in my audition city...Austin. I've done this aboot 3 time and been able to impress the producers and move along the preliminary rounds. Every year I been televised. If you want inside tips from an american idol expert e-mail me at [email protected]
By the way I'm a model and Fashion student-stylist in the making.


Hey im Kat and ive been wanting to try out for american idol sence season 1 im 14 and i think thats too young but i still want to try ive been singing sence i can remember and i know there are tryouts this summer in boston but i just dont now when well I NEED HELP!!

Mary Jane

hey i wanna try out in chicago, and i havent heard any updates...please email me at [email protected] or IM me at SftBll Playa Xo and let me know what you guys know about the chicago auditions...thanks!


hey everyone,
im from worcester mass and ive been singing since i was five but anyways i was wondering if any one could tell me how to apply for the auditions in boston and if some one can let me know when they r if so call me at 1-508-234-3647 or 1-774-287-2979 or my other cell 1-774-287-1633 i really need to know the date for boston so give me a holla love your next amercan idol


hey everyone!! I;m trying out for American Idol this summer with a friend, just for fun. I love to sing/perform. I'm from a little town next to Boston, Mass. Anyone have any info about the auditions/ anyone else from "bean-town," ew, auditioning.

instant message me- Classicgirl139


hey i'm trying to find out when American Idol comes to denver I really want my dream to came true so anybody knowns e-mail me
thanks :)


Hey everyone im Heidi and im so excited because american Idol is coming to Denever colorado my home town. The only thing in my way is I have no clue what the dates are lol ill find out! so have an awesome day and maybe ill see you in tryouts Love ya Heidi ohh PS if you know let me know kk peace

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