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I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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You should find a shirt on this site...it has FUNNY T SHIRTS www.roadkilltshirts.com they are only 11.99


I like the third one - looks abit less fussy.
You have a nice trim waistline and flat stomach and it shows this off nicely. Is this a result of all your crunches?
Good luck,


I like the third shirt, but blondes should wear red. Keep the t-shirt idea cuz it is all-American. Kris is right about your hair and make-up. Please don't wear dress shoes with a t-shirt.


Hello, Marisa. I came to your site looking for tips on how to get songs on google. You see, there is a possibility I'm trying out in San Fransisco on October 5th. So, therefore, I myself need a song. I'm a guy, so I need a quite different song than you. One that has a low tenor range, with a few high notes to show off my sexy chest voice.

I actually have thought about singing a popped up version of O Holy Night, in which I just kinda took some things from the N'Sync version of it and added in some runs of my own. I think it sounds good, and it gives all my friends the chills, but I'm not quite sure they will like it. You see, since it's religious, I'm not quite sure they'll consider it "American Idol" material.

Since all the other auditions are over, I suppose I'll see you in San Fran if I go. I hope we meet up and practice together. I'd like to see what kind of skill you have.

Like I said, if you would also like to help me with my song selection, don't be too shy to help!

As for you, my good Marisa - I suggest you go low-key, and yet still give them an impression that you can and will win this competition with your look, style, and of course your talent. A nice tee-shirt that shows that you're one of those models on the Arizona Posters you see in JC Penny would be good. Possibly some faded out Bell Bottoms, but not the ones from the Brady Bunch. Don't put on too much makeup (I hate girls with too much makeup), and I suggest you not put on ANY sort of perfume at all. Breath mints are always a plus (not that I'm implying anything!), and for shoes, I'm actually going to wear my skater shoes. :) I'm not quite sure what to do about shoes. I don't think they matter too much.

Since you're a blonde, I suggest you try showing off your beautiful blonde hair. Leave it down, but not if it'll distract them in any way. You want them to look at you, say "that's a good looking girl", and then forget it. You want them to focus on you, your personality, and your talent; not your hair.

As for the shirts - I've read the American Idol Rules, and I think they say not to have any logos on them. But, if they aren't logos, that's cool then.

I can make you a tee-shirt specifically for American Idol and sell it to you for a discounted price. I think I'm actually going to do that myself.

Remember - Have fun with this audition! (DO NOT HAVE TOO MUCH FUN HOWEVER, AS THEY WILL THINK YOU'RE NOT TAKING THIS SERIOUSLY!) They want a sweetheart, not a..weirdo. ;)

I think you'll do just fine. Just remember - The first auditions are not really about pure talent. If you hook the judges, you're in. Remember that. Do whatever it takes to hook Randy, Paula and Simon over with.

Good luck! I will probably be posting here more often.



Hi there! I'll take the first one ... but I'm not too hot on any of them. Just not my style, I guess. Good luck!

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