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Hi, my name is Ashley and I was wondering how do/can u audition? Because I really want to know Pleaze! I f u can give me the info.

Jennifer Hale

Hi! My name is Jen and I live in lakeland FL. and I auditioned today around 11:30a.m. 8/27/2004 at the Orange county convention center in orlando Florida, which is about 45 minutes away from where I live...anywho, I had to sleep inside of the covention center where it stayed about 65 degrees the entire time that I was there. A good piece of advice from me to you (and I've auditioned for two seasons)is to be prepared for the weather/conditions! My mom called the convention center (im only 17)and asked ahead of time what we could and could not bring but the lady told her wrong...Mistake #1: We bought food and a cooler because we were told that we would be camping out side and there would be no food sold...as we arrived at the center there were Idol employees yelling at everyone to leave our coolers in our vehicles becuase there would be no outside food or drinks allowed in the center(bummer, needless to say we lost a little bit of money) Mistake #2: The proper attire ie:long pants,sweaters,blankets, etc.; It was soooo cold inside the building and I froze all night long and ontop of that we were put in a concert hall with cement floors <------ As a result I developed laryngitis ans LOST MY VOICE ***tears:(*** so when it came time to auditon nothing would come out therefore loosing my oppoprtunity to *shine*. I suggest researching where you will be staying while you wait to audition because the conditions could be crucial to your performance. For the mistakes, I believe that we prepared as best we could for the information that we had. I can, however, give you more advise...1)Know your nieghbors and make nice, they can hold your spot in line for you if you need to leave 2) Dont over dress or over sing , louder is not always better 3) Have a back up song in case you are asked to sing something else by the judge because he or she might not like or know the song of your choice 4) Bring extra money, the food prices(if they are selling food and you cant bring your own) are outragious, in the center a 6in.ham and cheese sub was $9.00 and a bottle of soda was $2.50 for what I call a srew top bottle 5) Bring something to entertain you while you wait...it'll be a while! And the most important advice I can give is BE YOUR SELF and HAVE FUN, your making memories so let them be good ones. Good Luck with your audition!

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